Tyson, originally from rural northeastern Colorado, has a deep calling for pastoral ministry. After earning his undergraduate degree from Southwestern Assembly of God University, he founded The Rock Church in Scottsbluff, NE, in 2006, starting with just six people. Today, The Rock has grown significantly, offering multiple Sunday worship services. Alongside his family life with a loving wife and three children, Tyson pursued higher education, earning a Master of Arts from Life Pacific University and a Doctorate of Education from Grand Canyon University. 

His primary mission is to empower leaders and pastors to fulfill their God-given calling to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tyson is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable leader with a commitment to advancing the Kingdom of God. He also has a passion for leading tours to Israel, physical exercise, and enjoys spending quality time with family and friends!

Rev. Tami Lambertson, M.A.

Tami Lambertson, hailing from a Midwest wheat farm, has a strong work ethic and deep family ties. She is a natural leader, showcasing strengths in Command, Strategy, and Learner. For over two decades, Tami has partnered with her husband in full-time ministry, nurturing and developing leaders. 

She recently earned her Master's Degree in Executive Coaching and Consulting from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University in 2021. Tami is passionate about helping people achieve transformative breakthroughs through fresh insights and self-awareness. She excels in creativity and dynamic communication and enjoys hobbies like hiking, crocheting, and podcast listening.

Rev. Shane Beeson

Shane Beeson's journey in music and pastoral ministry was shaped by his upbringing in the Vineyard and Calvary Chapel movements in Southern California. His passion for music ministry, ignited by Vineyard Music, led him to dedicate his life to this calling. After settling in Northern Colorado, he started a family and has spent the last two decades passionately pursuing God's call in music and pastoral ministry.

In 2021, Shane and his family embarked on a nationwide search for their next chapter, which led them to Scottsbluff, NE, where they found The Rock Church, a significant milestone in their faith journey.

Shane is not only a musician but also a mentor, teacher, and invaluable resource for music ministers. With a diverse background, including leadership roles in the arts and entertainment industry, directing worship schools, and collaborating with various Christian organizations, his impact spans across the U.S. As a songwriter and producer, Shane's music can be enjoyed on all major streaming platforms. His life's work is a testament to his unwavering dedication to music and ministry.

Rev. Mike Erdman

Mike Erdman's life journey has taken him from Scottsbluff, NE, to Laramie, WY, at the age of 18, where he initially chose to live the story of the prodigal son, straying from his faith. However, a chance encounter with a man in Douglas, WY, who demonstrated the love of Jesus, began to turn things around for Michael. He delved into studying the Word and became a part of the local church community in Douglas. Along the way, he met Jamie, who became his wife, and together they navigated the path of healing, raising five children.

Michael gradually started saying "yes" to Jesus, beginning with volunteering on the worship team and eventually stepping into youth ministry and event coordination. These small steps led him back to his hometown of Scottsbluff, NE, where he found himself as the worship pastor at The Rock Church. His journey has been guided by seeking God's advice and trusting His plan for his family's life.

While Michael acknowledges he still has much to learn, he is excited to witness the great things God is doing in his life. He praises God for leading him out of his past and guiding him toward a promising future. Indeed, God is Good!

Angie preston

Angie's life journey has taken her on a remarkable path. Born and raised in Scottsbluff, she ventured beyond her hometown after graduating from Hollins University in Roanoke, VA, in 2007. Her adventures led her to teach Environmental Education in New York state before marrying Travis in 2008. Their journey together included living in Hawaii, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Upon the arrival of their daughter Nora, Travis received a job opportunity that brought them back to Scottsbluff, close to family. Angie never anticipated a role in ministry, but her time serving in KIDZ Rock ignited a calling from God. She is deeply passionate about intergenerational education and mentorship, recognizing the power of experiential learning.

As Angie continues to be stretched and molded by God, she is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in the upcoming years. Her journey is a testament to the unexpected directions life can take when guided by faith and a willingness to follow God's calling.

Rev. Jacob Crotsenberg

Jacob Crotsenberg's journey took him from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Laramie, where he lived for nearly six years before a job opportunity brought him to Scottsbluff in 2019. Initially, he anticipated a short stay, but divine intervention had different plans for him, calling him to serve in ministry in the Valley.

Jacob's interests span music, food, sports, and fitness. He has five years of experience in college ensembles, offering him travel and leadership opportunities. With four years in the restaurant industry and a background in high school sports, he's a dedicated Green Bay Packers fan and has recently embraced a fitness regimen, hitting the gym daily.

Passionate about unity and workplace organization, Jacob is dedicated to equipping leaders. His ultimate goal is to influence the lives of many in the area, leading them to come to know Christ as their Savior. Jacob's journey is a testament to the unexpected turns that life can take when one is open to divine guidance and a calling to serve others.

Heather Blackstone

Heather, originally from Minnesota, moved to Scottsbluff in 2010 after marrying her husband, Thomas. She holds an associate degree in architectural design and drafting and recently earned a bachelor's degree in Christian Studies with a focus on Biblical studies from Grand Canyon University.

Taking a break from her career in 2012 to raise her family, Heather found her calling as a volunteer in Kidz Rock's ministry. Although she hadn't initially considered a career in ministry, she discovered a deep sense of purpose in working with children and families.

Heather's experience in the restaurant industry has also cultivated her passion for food, particularly baking and trying new culinary experiences. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, exploring new places, and cherishing moments with her four children: Kaitlyn, Lily, Emma, and Charles. She also eagerly anticipates gardening during the summer months and raising chickens.