Mission statement

Our mission follows the example set by Jesus that is recorded in John chapter four. Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman and begins a conversation with her. We see Him PURSUE a relationship with her through that conversation, making eye contact with her, and speaking to her heart. As this relationship is developed, He has great INFLUENCE on her life. This influence quickly spreads from her own life to the lives of others as she runs to tell everyone about Jesus. Thus, the change in her life begins to MULTIPLY throughout her city.


Through this passage, we believe that Jesus demonstrated what the Kingdom of God is all about: relationship! According to this model, our mission is simplified - Pursue, Influence, & Multiply.


Experiencing the saving power of Jesus Christ, never being the same but transformed living a Godly life and pursuing him to live the life God has called you too.


With living a life of obedience and sacrifice, sharing the love of Christ and full of the Holy Spirit is a light to each life you encounter.


A light amongst the dark and salt of the earth full of God's word ready to go forth winning souls for the Kingdom of God.